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VFAN- 5000 mAh Power Bank- Wireless charging Power bank 15W Output

VFAN- 5000 mAh Power Bank- Wireless charging Power bank 15W Output

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VFAN Magnetic Power Bank

5000mAh battery

Wireless charging Power bank (compatible with most wireless charging phones)

20W Fast charging

15W wireless charging

Quick Dual charge mode

Ultra strong Magnet

Introducing the VFAN Magnetic Power Bank – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience. Explore the dynamic features that redefine your on-the-go charging experience:

1. 5000mAh Battery: Empower your devices with a reliable and long-lasting 5000mAh battery, ensuring sustained performance for your smartphone and other electronic essentials.

2. Wireless Charging Compatibility: Embrace the future of charging effortlessly. The VFAN Magnetic Power Bank is compatible with most wireless charging phones, offering a cable-free and streamlined charging experience.

3. 20W Fast Charging: Enjoy the swiftness of 20W fast charging, guaranteeing your devices are ready for action in record time. Bid farewell to extended charging periods and welcome quick, on-the-fly power-ups.

4. 15W Wireless Charging: Harness the convenience of 15W wireless charging, providing a rapid and cord-free solution to recharge your devices.

5. Quick Dual Charge Mode: Efficiently power up two devices simultaneously with the Quick Dual Charge Mode, optimizing your charging routine to keep all your devices seamlessly energized.

6. Ultra Strong Magnet: Featuring an ultra-strong magnet, the VFAN Magnetic Power Bank ensures a secure and reliable attachment to your devices, eliminating concerns about misplacement or accidental drops.

Elevate your charging experience with the VFAN Magnetic Power Bank – a versatile powerhouse equipped with wireless capabilities, fast charging, and an ultra-strong magnet for unparalleled convenience. Stay charged, stay connected. Choose VFAN.


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