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IGET Bar Plus Device 1.0 - 6000 puffs

IGET Bar Plus Device 1.0 - 6000 puffs

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Introducing the IGet Bar Plus Device 2.0- 6000 Puffs:


  • 1 x IGET Bar Plus Vaping Device
  • Nicotine Salt -20mg/ml
  • Pre-charged + USB-C Rechargeable, Simply puff on the device to activate
  • 16ml Nicotine salt 
  • Up to 6000+ Puffs per disposable
  • Mesh Coil Design, Replaceable Pods and Portable

Sleek Design, Powerful Performance: Unbox a world of sophistication with each iGet Bar Plus Vaping Device, marrying elegance with high-powered functionality.

Indulge in Nicotine Salt: Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of 38mg/ml nicotine salt, curated for a refined and satisfying vaping experience.

Instant Gratification, Anytime, Anywhere: Pre-charged and USB-C rechargeable, the iGet Bar Plus activates with a mere puff, providing instant delight without the fuss.

16ml Nicotine Salt Pod: Revel in a generous 16ml reservoir of your favorite nicotine salt, ensuring an extended journey into flavor paradise.

6000+ Puffs of Pure Bliss: With each iGet Bar Plus pods, relish over 6000 puffs of uninterrupted pleasure, setting a new benchmark for disposable vape longevity.

Innovative Mesh Coil Magic: Ignite your senses with the innovative mesh coil design, delivering unparalleled flavor richness and consistent, voluminous vapor.

Eco-Friendly, Replaceable Pods: Stay green while you vape—our replaceable pods minimize waste, offering a sustainable and guilt-free indulgence.

Portable Powerhouse: Crafted for those on the move, the iGet Bar Plus is your stylish companion, ensuring your vaping pleasure is never out of reach. Elevate your vaping experience to new heights with the iGet Bar Plus - where elegance meets performance, and every puff is a celebration of luxury.

    For Replacement pods Click here 

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